4 Constructive Tips for Creating Voice Friendly SEO Web Content

4 Constructive Tips for Creating Voice Friendly SEO Web Content

With the ever-changing technology the ways in which search on web has also changed. People now are opting for voice searches than the customary searches on BING and GOOGLE. Nowadays majority of the searches take place through Voice option available on handsets, and the reason that stands out is the easy accessible hands free capabilities. The digital assistance like Google and Siri has made our life easier. People find it very convenient and are relying heavily on it for their queries. Here are some simple techniques of making your content voice search friendly.

Use Natural Language

The search today includes long trail phrases and sometimes even may include entire sentence. The way we speak in surely different from the way we type. . The phrases and keywords that we use while speaking to digital assistants would therefore be different than those we use when entering text in Google search.For example “Famous restaurant in San Francisco?” will be searched more on contrary to “restaurant San Fransisco” are less likely to be typed on search bar.

As long as your content answers customer queries in the best and most useful manner possible, expect Google to take notice of it and rank the website/mobile site accordingly.

Apply Conversational Manner Technique When Anticipating Certain Question

Voice searches are easier as people do not fumble or ramble while carrying out a voice search they make sure that they are very specific while speaking so that they get desired result. “Search an Atm machine near me’’ the search done for this long tailed keyword will give the exact location of the nearest Atm machine if the user has enabled the specific location. This can be done via creating FAQ page and blog containing the long tail keywords with specific questions. This would require you to research the kind of questions your target audience most frequently poses to digital assistants and produce content around those queries. It’s a good idea to take each of those questions and flesh out the answers in the form of quality blog posts.

The more accurate answers does the content give regarding the query made the more are the chances of Google to take notice of it and will make rank the website accordingly

Get Local SEO Done For Your Website

It has been found that the percentage of doing voice has been in trend and is followed by the people at a dramatic rate especially the searches are local in nature. This makes mandatory for the business people to keep their profiles local in nature and should be up-to-date which includes the location and opening and closing hours. To exemplify Where can I get the best wedding outfit in San Jose?”

For a shop owner, this would mean including accurate opening hours in their profile, including the precise location of the shop, and optimizing the content on the website to be found via keywords such as “best wedding outfit” or something more specific, such as “elegant bridal dresses.”

Find out the kind of questions your target audience is most likely to pose to a digital voice assistant, and create content that provides specific answers to these queries.

Ensure That Website is Voice Search Friendly

Google states that in today the since everyone carries a Smartphone with oneself therefore the access to the internet is on the fingertips. They are the ones that provide us with the immediate and the accurate knowledge. Google therefore has been consistently encouraging to boost by increasing use of mobile in internet search and accordingly optimize their sites for mobile. Businesses that take advantage of these micro moments (moments during which users need immediate, relevant, and ready-to-use information) stand a good chance of racing ahead of the competition.

Anticipate at which stage(s) a user is most likely to need the services your business provides.

Anticipate the nature of information they need to make a decision.

Provide users with the relevant information at that stage in order to help them make a decision, or leave them with clear further guidance.

To get high count visits on the website the business person must ensure that the website is optimized for local seo and voice search in order to get right response to every query made. Taken together, this maximizes the chances of a user choosing your service.

I am sure that these techniques will be helpful in making your business voice search friendly.

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