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A search engine is sophisticated, but can it comprehend a website the way a human does? That is precisely what SEO or Search Engine Optimization does to your website – it shows a search engine crawler what a webpage is about and how relevant and useful that web page is to a user’s query.


Pay per click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an internet marketing technique used to direct traffic to websites. Best part of PPC is that you billed only when the user clicks your ad. Ebuzzon team offers a comprehensive PPC program – revamp or audit your existing PPC campaign.


Social media marketing is an internet marketing technique that use social networking websites as a marketing tool. SMM is used to increase the brand exposure and fan base with the motive to increase the sales and revenue of the company. We at ebuzzon, are experienced in handling social media platforms.


If your website isn’t a piece of art, it won’t sell. It won’t matter if you offer a great range of products, or offer excellent services, conversion comes from an easy-to-use interface and an impressive website. In times when the attention of span of people is less, and they look for information on the mobile, and clean website that is easy-to-navigate.

Proven White Hat SEO Strategies For Your Website To Increase The Visibility on Google Result Pages.

SEO is here to stay and grow, that’s what we believe. And that is what we deliver to our customers.

Putting the “black hat” SEO strategies behind, a sound and proven white hat SEO strategy is the need of the hour; and this is what we deliver here. The tremendous rise in traffic and visibility on search engine results is the by-product of what we do – when we de prepare an actionable plan. Our team of expert SEO specialists works around the clock to assure that your website or business gains the traffic it deserves; that you get the visibility to rank in the top search results on Google

We’re Offering Proven White Hat SEO Services

We aren’t just another SEO team that you may find in the market! Our white hat SEO expert device a strategy that caters to the individual requirements of a business – that is exactly why our team delivered successful SEO campaigns to the clients around the world.

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PPC Advertising: To Increase Traffic & Revenue

While organic results take time and effort, investment in inorganic results is what a start-up needs to do for quick ROI. That is where PPC advertising comes into play. PPC or pay per click is a model of Internet marketing where a user pays per click to Google. Go for a comprehensive PPC campaign to gain traffic and visibility. When successful, your website appears on relevant search engines and partner websites, giving you a high ROI.

PPC is an add-on to an already working SEO strategy. A new business owner may find it beneficial to invest in the long tail keywords – ones which are cheaper to advertise – as compared to short-tailed ones.

Ebuzzon team offers a comprehensive PPC program – revamp your existing PPC campaign – and look into ongoing search engine optimization. You can choose as per your requirements ; whether you want a review of PPC plan, a monthly basis service, or complete overhaul of your existing internet marketing program.

Rank High In Google Local Search Results

Local results matter now, more than ever. Believe it or not, it’s easy to rank high in the local search results – stand out among your local competition with a workable local SEO plan.

We can help you rank high in Google local search or Google map results. We map out a plan to ensure that all local ranking factors are given due weight age: a social media campaign, local reviews for a start-up, or on-page technicalities your website needs, we are here to guide you to rank higher on the local SERP’s.

How Can Ranking High On Search Engine Help Your Business?

Ranking high gives your brand an online visibility like never before. Just think about the number of prospective customers that will land up on your website.

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Social Media Management

We at ebuzzon, are experienced in handling social media platforms. Let our team of social media specialists manage your social media channels.

Involvement and quick response are the pillars of strength to handle a social media channel. The good news about social media is that you get direct access to prospective clients without an investment, but, the bad news is that a negative review, feedback, or comment by an estranged customer can bring bad reputation to the brand.

The idea is to turn fan base into prospective customers and handling their feedback with maturity: quick response and redressal of grievances.

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