Pay Per Click Audit

Pay Per Click Audits

An Adwords or PPC campaign is tough to monitor! Only an expert knows what is actually going on in a PPC campaign. Whether you to plan to do it on your own, or want to hire a professional, you definitely need to get a review done by a team of pay per click experts.

Get your PPC audits done and take maximum ROI on your investment. At Ebuzzon, we offer PPC audit of your campaign. Whether you plan to do it all by yourself or plan to hire a professional, we are here to help you out.

Our experienced PPC managers handle campaigns from clients all over the world. We begin by reviewing historical PPC data and then evaluate your current situation. A team with know-how and experience in Pay Per Click campaigns, we suggest changes that can improve your ROI in no time.

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What’s included in Ebuzzon Professional PPC Audits?

  • Create well planned and fundamentally strong Google Adwords Search and Display Campaigns.
  • Reconfigure existing PPC campaigns on Adwords targeting better ROI.
  • Create Advance display re-marketing campaigns.
  • Advanced Keyword research for Pay Per Click campaigns with Long tail considering buying trends.
  • Maintain High-Quality Scores for keywords in Google Adwords PPC search campaigns.
  • Write above average ad copies for higher CTR 8) Special take care for people search terms for your clicked ads and negative keywords to save unwanted clicks.
  • Focus on 1st page of Google and maintain average positions less than 5.
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Conversion tracking to track and monitor conversions.
  • Create Merchant (Google Shopping) Product Listing Campaigns (PLA).
  • Manage Google Merchant Center account including data feed creation and optimization.


A well explained word document exposing your Adwords account. Will highlight the missed opportunities and will discuss how to fix them.


Every campaign is different, so it’s impossible to quote a one-size-fits-all price. The price of the service will vary depending on your keyword volume and number of accounts to be audited across different PPC platforms.

How to hire Ebuzzon for a PPC Audit

PPC audit service is an effective tool to expand your horizons! Drop us a mail or call us if you wish to invest in this service.