Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising: For Quick Increase Traffic & Revenue

While organic results take time and effort, investment in inorganic results is what a start-up needs to do for quick ROI. That is where PPC advertising comes into play. PPC or pay per click is a model of Internet marketing where a user pays per click to Google. Go for a comprehensive PPC campaign to gain traffic and visibility. When successful, your website appears on Google and partner websites for relevant business keywords and giving you a high ROI.

PPC is an add-on to an already working SEO strategy. A new business owner may find it beneficial to invest in the long tail keywords – ones which are cheaper to advertise – as compared to short-tailed ones.

Ebuzzon team offers a comprehensive PPC program – revamp your existing PPC campaign – and look into ongoing search engine optimization. You can choose as per your requirements; whether you want a review of PPC plan, a monthly basis service, or the complete overhaul of your existing Internet marketing program.

Google AdWords / PPC

Advertise your business with Google Adwords PPC campaign – a sure shot way to reach maximum prospective clients and gain brand visibility on multiple search engines. Combined with search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, a PPC campaign gives you a chance to convert instant clicks into sales. PPC is an add-on to an already working SEO strategy. A new business owner may find it beneficial to invest in Google Adwords.

Adwords Remarketing Services

Remarketing is probably the smartest way to convert a mere interest of a customer into a sale. The best thing about remarketing is that you don’t advertise to a customer who won’t be interested in the product or service offered, the prospective customer showed up on your page through his/her search query. For a business who is about to start internet marketing campaign, remarketing is an effective tool.

Bing Advertising

The good news is that Bing Ads’ market share grew to 19.7% past year in the US. The bad news is most marketers don’t go in that direction. For a startup, Bing Ads’ not only cost cheaper as compared to the Google Ads, the settings allow you to target a specific time zone.

Facebook Ads

No one can deny the efficacy of using Facebook Ads for advertisement. Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users (Who logged during last 30 days), and more a business can no longer overlook marketing their brand on this arch social media platform.